Real Estate Exam Prep: Connecticut Regs for Sales

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Portion Connecticut
Pages 94 pages
Edition 3rd edition
Publication Date September 10, 2010
Language English
This product covers the Connecticut portion content for the following state(s):  CT
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This is an exam outline-ordered comprehensive review of the Connecticut Rules & Regs material for the statespecific Salesperson exam written in a direct, concise style. 

Out-of-state licensees seeking a reciprocal sales-level license in Connecticut? Or an in-state sales applicant who failed the state portion and needs help with just that part? This is the book for you!

It is the only book on the market for just the 30-question state portion of the Connecticut Sales exam that is grounded in years of actual real estate license exam experience! The author is an internationally recognized test development specialist and former test company “insider” in charge of that company’s real estate test development and examinations for over twenty state real estate commissions nationwide.  So, where others guess, this one knows! You will benefit from the “insider” commentary on what is testable material and what is covered in textbooks that is good information, but simply too advanced or complex to be on the exam.  

This prep is pure, focused prep, NOT a long-winded second textbook with too many pages and problems. It includes a full-length, 30-question sample test written to match the published exam specifications. The answer key includes a Diagnostic chart of Strengths/Weaknesses to guide further review. 

So, bypass online preps or cram-session seatings! Reinforce your memory on the Topics identified in the Candidate Information Bulletin for the Connecticut section of the licensing exam by reading this brief, focused summary of testable material and then checking yourself with the “real-test” quality sample exam. 

Not sure if you’re ready for the test? Then this is your new best friend!

94 pages
3rd edition
Publication Date
September 10, 2010
Includes Practice Test
Applicable States