Language Arts–Reading: Practice Test PPT7 eBook

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You can experience what it is like to take the HiSET® Language Arts–Reading Exam by taking this 30–45 minute practice test. It is half the length of the actual subtest and includes all new practice test questions with rationales, test directions, answer key and answer sheet. Questions are similar to those on the subtest, so you’ll find out how ready you are and where you might need additional preparation. Refer to the “Are You Ready for the HiSET Exam” chart to see how prepared you are for the actual subtest. eBooks can be viewed on virtually any device that has the latest version of the free Adobe® Reader software.

You’ll receive:

  • Directions and tips for taking the subtest
  • Authentic test questions directly from the test maker
  • An answer key to check your responses
  • Rationale explanations for all correct answers

What are eBooks?

eBooks are an on-demand, environmentally friendly alternative to hard-copy study guides and practice tests. You can download them as easy-to-use PDF’s, immediately upon purchase. Your eBook will be personalized with your name and order number, to show you are the purchasing customer. It is for your proprietary use only.

Benefits of eBooks

By purchasing an eBook, you can start preparing for your test right away — no more waiting for your book to arrive in the mail. eBooks also

  • are less expensive than printed materials
  • require no shipping costs
  • provide immediate access to material
  • allow you to print and search for only what you need
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