Real Estate Math Express - 3rd Edition

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Real Estate Math Express is a concise, easy-to-study test preparation guide to help real estate students improve their real estate math scores to pass the state licensing test. The primary feature of Real Estate Math Express is that it contains all necessary formulas and practice questions in 100+ pages. This enables you to truly cram for the math portion of your state’s licensure test, memorize key formulas, and walk into the exam site having all the essential material in your short-term memory! You simply cannot accomplish this using competing lengthy exam prep books.

If you want a truly rapid review resource, Real Estate Math Express is for you. No frills, no lengthy explanations…..just key formulas, definitions, corresponding examples and practice questions.

Real Estate Math Express can be broken down into 6 major units – Basic Math Primer, Real Property Applications, Valuation Applications, Finance Applications, Investment Applications, and Tax & Closing Applications.

Each unit introduces each major real estate math topic and its corresponding formula(s). After each unit is a practice quiz to ensure mastery of each critical formula. Immediately after each quiz is an answer key with step-by-step rationales.

Once the math formulas have been mastered, there are 110 sample questions for you to practice with. Each practice exam question has both an answer and an explanation of the correct answer at the end of the book.