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PSI practice tests are created by PSI, and backed by the engineering power of GMetrix. Watch our practice test videos on how to purchase a practice test, getting started with the test prep platform, taking your first practice test and making the most out of the practice test features.

Your guide to success

Let's go from start to finish purchasing and accessing your PSI practice test. Check out key features so you can study smarter.

Choose your practice test. Basic practice tests are available on the GMetrix platform. Once you have made your selection, proceed to check out on the PSI Online Store using your existing account, or create a new one. For more information on practice test types, check out the Practice Test Overview.

Receive your Access Code. After you've completed your order, you will receive two emails:

  1. Order Confirmation: from the PSI Online Store containing your order number and payment confirmation.
  2. Course Access Code: from PSI Online Store Support, this no-reply email will contain the access code you'll need to unlock your course and a link to the GMetrix course delivery platform.

Create your GMetrix account. Once you have received your access code, use the link provided in the email to visit the test prep portal on GMetrix.

To login and access your content, you will need to create a GMetrix account seperate from your PSI Online Store account as they are not linked to one another.

Redeem your Access Code. After you've logged in to the GMetrix platform for the first time and walked through the brief guided tour, you will redeem your Access Code by clicking the Redeem button at the bottom of the right-hand column. will open a box and allow you to copy in your access code. Please note, access codes can only be entered in once.

Getting started with Practice Tests

Training and Testing Modes

When you first access your test, you may be asking yourself, "which mode is right for me?" Below is a brief explanation to help you decide.

  • Training mode is reccomended if this is the first time you are seeing practice test questions, or your studying is currently in progress.
  • Testing mode is reccomended for when you are ready to simulate your test day experience. You'll work with a timer that is based on your industry's test time. No guidance is provided during testing mode, just like the real thing!

Did you know? You can pause and resume your test at anytime by clicking the notebook icon (image shown below) on the top of your test page. Please note that if you click the Finish button, your test will be marked as completed. If you have purchased a one-time only test, you will not be able to take your test again if you click Finish.

Taking your first Practice Test

Guided responses help you absorb more

It's no question that test taking can be challenging. That's why our deluxe and premium practice tests include training mode, to help you become accustomed to the type of questions and concepts you'll see on test day.

With Premium practice tests, you'll unlock answer rationale that explains the correct answer. Deluxe practice tests will provide the correct or incorrect answer once you make your selection.

Click thumbnail to enlarge
Click thumbnail to enlarge

Visualize your performance

Every practice test offers a score report. Deluxe practice tests offer basic score reports, whereas premium practice tests feature an enhanced version.

  • See how well you fared with a percent-based score
  • Find a complete breakdown of correct and incorrect answers
  • Learn what subject matter areas are your strongest, and where you may need to focus more

Once you have completed your test, you will automatically be brought to the Score Report page. If you need to access your Score Report again, you may do so by going to the Homepage, clicking on Tests and then Completed Tests. From there, select the test you took and you will be brought to your Score Report.

PSI Practice Test Features

Unlock your potential with your personal test prep hub

Take advantage of the Study Guide overview, where you can view your performance, enter your upcoming test date and build your own practice test. Think of this as your personal test prep hub. To access your study guide, click the Go to Study Guide button.

Study sessions customized to you

Build out your own custom practice test by clicking on the View all Questions button in the Study Guide Cverview. From there, you can view each topic and the question count. Choose from entire sections, or questions from each topic. The choice is yours to make your own!

Short on time? Quick Review has you covered.

Quick review is your go-to for targeted review or fast study sessions. From the Study Guide Overview, select the Quick Review option. Choose your how many items you want to review from the item pool - from as few as one question or every question there is. Quick Review has both Testing and Training modes - great if you just want to get a fast session in!

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