ABC Very Small Water System Practice Test


ABC Very Small Water System Practice Exam

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If you are planning to take the ABC Very Small Water System Certification Exam, this practice exam provides an excellent opportunity for you to become familiar with the format of the software used to administer this exam, as well as the format of the items used on the exam. The questions on this practice exam are presented in the same computer format as the certification examination. This is very valuable in alleviating fears created by not knowing what to expect.

The 50-question practice exam matches the content and difficulty of the ABC Very Small Water System Certification Exam. Developed using the same procedures as actual ABC examinations, the practice exam will help you become familiar with the types of questions on the ABC Very Small Water System Certification Exam. Please note, however, that none of the questions in this practice examination were actually administered to examination candidates. The practice exam is not intended to be a substitute for studying for the certification exam.

The price of this online examination is $20 and must be paid by credit card. Please note that the credit card statement will show the fee being paid to LXR, not ABC. After placing your online order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with specific instructions guiding you through the examination process. The e-mail will contain your private password that allows you to receive individualized feedback on your performance after completing the online examination.

You will have 30 days from the time you receive your confirmation e-mail to complete the examination. During that time, you can open the exam as often as you like. However, once you grade the exam you will not be able to access it again. You may use the practice exam in two different ways:

You can receive immediate feedback. If you want to use this strategy, you can immediately grade each of your responses and then display the correct answer.

You can take the examination just like you would take the certification examination by simply answering each question.

Upon completion of the exam, you are given the option of obtaining a feedback and mastery score report. Once you ask for a score report, you will no longer have access to the practice exam.

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  • A compatible internet browser such as the current version of Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Other browsers may or may not work.
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Best for Desktop
Question Bank
50 items
30 days