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Real Estate Broker Self-Assessment

North Carolina:
South Dakota:
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PSI Practice Tests
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Product Description

This self-assessment contains 100 items based on the content outline of the national portion of the test for the following states: IL, NC, SD, and WA. The 100 items are identical to the questions in the our corresponding sample test product.

The biggest differences for this product are you have 90 days to complete the assessment instead of 30, and you get a detailed feedback report instead of a simple score report. The feedback report provides detailed explanations for each test item, describing the rationale behind the correct response and an explanation of why the wrong answers were not the best from among those provided.

It is completely web-based so there is no software to load. It is accessible anywhere you have a computer and internet connection. Once purchased, you can take it immediately or wait until a later date.

This product must be purchased via the PSI Web Tests site. Click the "Buy Now" button below to be taken there.

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